The Department of Professional Development is a group of professional development leaders who work closely with other departments to provide and support professional learning. Our main responsibility is to enhance professional learning within and across schools by aligning with the guidelines for high quality professional learning. The National Staff Development Council promotes research which clearly demonstrates that collaborative, inquiry-based, job-embedded, and sustained professional learning is crucial for improving teaching. While short-term workshops are occasionally necessary, we believe schools will benefit most from a collaboratively planned professional learning focus that aligns to SIP goals, action plans and the strategic plan of the district.

Sue Gorud
Executive Director of Professional Learning & Leadership Development Sue Gorud
Phone:(608) 663-1925
Jorge Covarrubias
Director of Professional Excellence Jorge Covarrubias
Phone:(608) 442-2921
Jessie Gagan
Administrative Assistant Jessie Gagan
Phone:(608) 663-4955
Dan Davidson
Educator Effectiveness Strategist Dan Davidson
Phone:(608) 516-5222
Joleen R. Welborn
Technology Specialist Joleen R. Welborn
Phone:(608) 535-6308
Kathleen Doherty
New Educator Mentor Kathleen Doherty
Phone:(608) 219-7554
Lachele Greenlee
New Educator Mentor Lachele Greenlee
Phone:(608) 219-5610