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The recently passed 2017 – 2019 Wisconsin state budget contains major changes to licensure rules. PDPs are no longer necessary as a path toward educator licence renewal. Please view the DPI Licensing Blog for additional updated information.


MMSD 2016-17 Review Dates:

  • October 1
  • December 1
  • February 1
  • March 1
  • May 1
(In most circumstances, PDPs are reviewed within 30 days. Reviews are not provided between May 1 and October 1.)
PDP Information
Educator Effectiveness Plan (EEP) Pilot to Renew Educator License
MMSD's ePDP at-a-glance A step-by-step guide to help lead you through the ePDP process
Tutorial Videos These step-by-step videos will cover everything from preparing to write your PDP to submitting your plan for review.
PDP Goals Examples Read some examples of successfully written PDP goals.
Tips & Mistakes to Avoid The 10 most costly mistakes to make in writing your ePDP.
PD credit/PAC info

PAC Request Form
You can receive up to 6 PACs for completing your PDP.
NOTE: Requests for credit must be submitted within one calendar year of PDP completion. Requests outside of this window will not be considered timely and credit will not be granted.
Parent/Guardian Permission Form If you plan to use student work, images or excerpts from video or audio as documentation in your PDP, you must have a parent/guardian permission form. Though the student may have publishing permission in IC, this form is still necessary.
WI DPI PDP Website DPI structure, resources and FAQs about the PDP

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MMSD 2016-17 Review Dates:

  • October 1
  • December 1
  • February 1
  • March 1
  • May 1
(Reviews are not provided between May 1 and October 1. In most circumstances, PDPs are reviewed within 30 days.)

PDP Reviewer Training Opportunities

PDP reviewers are an important and necessary function of the license renewal process. We are extremely grateful for the PDP reviewers in MMSD and Institutions of Higher Education (IHEs) who make the MMSD PDP System possible. Participating on a PDP team not only contributes to the professional growth of the educator, it can also enhance the professional development and professional practice of the team member.

The training necessary to become a certified PDP Team Reviewer is a flipped learning experience. Two weeks prior to the face-to-face training, participants must begin to complete modules of an online course. Information on how to access this course will be provided two weeks prior to the face-to-face session.

Once trained, the PDP workload (number of PDPs reviewed) is up to the PDP reviewer. Typically a few PDPs are reviewed each review period.

PI-34: Government Programs

Professional Development Opportunities:
Click here to register for courses and get specific course and registration information.

PI-34/Wisconsin Educator License Renewal Changes

UW Grade Report Information:
Please note that UW-Madison no longer automatically sends out grade reports or transcripts. To access your grade report on-line or to request your transcript, visit the address below or call 608-262-3811 for additional information. https://registrar.wisc.edu/

Who writes a PDP?

1. All who are working under a teaching, pupil services or administrator license initially awarded after August 2004 must write a PDP.

2. Those working under a license initially awarded before August 2004 may choose to renew by either

  • writing a PDP, or
  • taking 6 university credits

How do I create a new PDP?

Open, save and/or print this document to walk you through the process.

What support does MMSD offer for PDPs?

MMSD offers more support than most districts in Wisconsin. We provide an internal review process - done by MMSD volunteers - as well as workshops, step-by-step guides, video tutorials and PDP reviewer training.

How can I receive individual feedback on my PDP before reviewing?

Participate in a workshop or ask a colleague. As noted in the video tutorial below, you can share your PDP with a colleague prior to submitting for review.

I’m new to MMSD or moving out of MMSD. How do I transfer my PDP into or out of MMSD’s system?

There is no need to transfer your PDP from QEI. However, if you are using your MMSD email account as a contact email, you will want to update that to another email account when you leave.

Will a PDP renew multiple licenses?

One PDP will renew/advance all licenses. If you're not using one license and it expires first, you can let it expire and then renew/advance when the PDP is complete. When applying you have an opportunity to request syncing all licenses together. If you apply for all licenses at one time, you should only have to pay one fee, unless you are adding on a new license. (Response from DPI)

What should I do if I have a special circumstance?

Perhaps, for example, you are an initial educator, in year 4 or 5 of your license, who has not submitted your PDP for initial goal review. Maybe you might have forgotten about it or have special circumstances where you did not work in Wisconsin for a few years (e.g., due to maternity leave, moved out of state and moved back, etc.).

The PDP is typically a 3-5 year process. In any special circumstance, you can contact DPI to see if you need a license extension related to your PDP. Please document what you find.

How do I apply for a license extension?

DPI (not MMSD) manages license extension. Here is the website.

How do I share my PDP with a colleague for feedback?

Click on “special access accounts” in your PDP. Here's how:

The Professional Development Plan (PDP) is a process for the renewal of an educator’s license based on planned professional growth and evidence of the impact of that growth on student learning.

A documented completion of a PDP, as verified by a PDP review team of three members, is required in order to renew a Professional Educator license or advance from an Initial Educator to a Professional Educator license. The PDP Verification must be submitted through an electronic PDP service provider and received by the DPI as part of the license application processing requirement.

Contact Us

If you have reviewed the above resources and have remaining questions or special circumstances regarding the ePDP process, contact:

Jessie Gagan, Administrative Assistant
MMSD PDP Coordination
Phone: (608)663-4955
Email: jmgagan@madison.k12.wi.us